HDS 2303

Religion in America: From the Coming of the Europeans to the 1870s

David D. Hall


Encompassing both mainstream and insurgent, popular or new forms of religion (e.g., the Society of Friends, Mormonism, African-American Protestantism), this survey course deals with the history of Christian thought; changing patterns of religious practice, especially in relation to gender; and religion and society in the context of the regulating and/or liberating reform movements of the nineteenth century. Note: Course has additional hour to be arranged.

Enrollment Limited: No
Open to BTI Students: Yes
Jointly offered as Religion 1468


0.50 credits
Spring 2013
Mon Wed 10am-11am
FAS Sever Hall Room 102

Relationship to Program Requirements

Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • History of Christianity
  • Religions of the Americas
  • Religion, Ethics, and Politics
  • Theology
MDiv Distribution Category/ies None
MDiv Art(s) of Ministry
  • Public Leadership, Community Organizing, and Planning
Language Course Designation(s) None