HDS 2021

Motherhood in Jewish, Culture, Law, and Historical Experience

Rachel L. Greenblatt


A vast gap separates stereotypes of the nagging Jewish mother in contemporary popular culture from more traditional images of Jewish women as masters of the home, guardians of tradition. In this course, we will view Jewish motherhood from a variety of perspectives, using prescriptive and descriptive sources, biblical through modern. In the process, we will also learn about Jewish fatherhood, employ theoretical writing on gender analysis as a historical tool, and be exposed to the ways in which historians tease out women's voices when the written records of them are scarce.

Enrollment Limited: No
Open to BTI Students: Yes

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0.50 credits
Spring 2015
Mon 1pm-4pm
Divinity Hall Room 106

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Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • Jewish Studies
  • Religion, Literature, and Culture
  • Women, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
MDiv Distribution Category/ies
  • Judaism
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